At Planet Botanic we are champions of clean beauty and wellbeing.  Our range of curated, luxury, natural products that harness the healing powers of plants to support your mind and body naturally.

In today’s fast paced world more and more of us are feeling the pressures of a stressful lifestyle and the effects that chemical laden food and beauty products are having on our body and well being.  As a result more and more of us are looking to change our lifestyle, incorporating activities to relieve stress such as yoga and practicing mindfulness.  In addition we are looking at what we put on and into our bodies.

Currently here is a big buzz around ‘Clean Living’ & ‘Clean Beauty’ and rightfully so.  On average women are using 12 beauty products a day which equals to around 200 chemicals daily.  Half of these chemicals most of us do not have a clue what they are or the side effects.  Quite rightly we are now wondering if these chemicals are making us ill.

At Planet Botanic we are delivering not only products that work, but contain Natural and where possible Organic ingredients.

In a largely unregulated industry, we understand how important it is to trust the company you are purchasing from and that if a product claims it is organic that it is just that and that the company selling the product adheres to the laws set out by trading standards.

That is why we are proud that most of our products are Soil Association Certified Organic. The Soil Association is the largest organic control body in the UK.  This means that not only are our products certified organic, but that our production process also adheres to organic principles.




Planet Botanic is the Trading name of Planet Botanic Europe Limited, company number 11909906 registered in the UK

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