Everything you need to know about cooking with CBD

aMore and more people are reaping the benefits of incorporating CBD into their daily lives.  People take CBD for a number of reasons including reducing anxiety, helping with nausea, inflammation, and insomnia.  Cooking with CBD  is another way of getting their daily dose of aside from taking it sublingually.  If you want to try cooking with CBD then read on for everything you need to know.

Before you start.  Before your start cooking you need to source your ingredients, Planet Botanic’s Luxury CBD Oil is certified organic, so when cooking with our CBD you want to be ensuring your cooking with organic ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits.

Calculating your CBD.  You will need to calculate the amount of CBD you will be using.  Working out right amount of CBD for your recipe is imperative.  If you are just cooking a single serving dish or a meal for one then you can simply add your daily dose of CBD.

If you wish to make treats such as Cocoa Brownies that intend to be divided up,  you will need to multiply the dose by the number of servings your recipe makes.  For example, let’s say you take 10mg of CBD per day and you’re making 10 brownies you will need add in 1000 mg of CBD to ensure that each brownie contains 10mg per serving. Stir the mixture very well to ensure the CBD is spread evenly.

If in doubt stir and then stir again!

We recommend using Planet Botanic Luxury CBD Oil , CBD Oils will need to be blended with some kind of carrier that contains fat before its used for cooking. This could be butter, coconut oil, full fat coconut milk etc.  This makes sure that the oil is distributed evenly throughout the entire dish and increases bioavailability of the CBD.

Temperature.  Temperature is especially important to keep in mind when cooking with CBD oil. At high temperatures, the active compounds in CBD oil burn off.  This will result in losing CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which are found in full spectrum CBD Oil.

When cooking try not to exceed 165 degrees C or 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures will cause the active compounds in CBD oil to deteriorate. Overheating CBD oil can also result in a somewhat bitter taste.  Not What you’re looking for when it comes to cooking

There are so many ways to incorporate CBD into your daily lives.  Keep an eye out on our blog for many fantastic recipes for you to try!

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