Organic – how to tell if what you are buying really is organic?

How to tell if what you are buying really is organic?

How to tell if what you are buying really is organic?  It’s a question many Brits don’t know the answer to.  With the word ‘Organic’ is one of the big buzz words of the moment and seems to be thrown around with wild abandon. More of us are looking into ways of improving our health and so looking towards Organic products to boost their overall health.

Research is continuing to show that organic products show increased nutrients key to human health.  And so with no GMO, pesticides and additives its the best way to ensure that what you are putting into your body is pure.  As a result  But how can you tell that the food you are buying is in fact Organic and not just a clever marketing spin?

In the UK all companies wishing to label food products as organic must follow a strict set of rules.  And so, products labeled as organic must contain at least 95% organic ingredients.  They must also be registered with one of the UK Organic Control Bodies.

Certification bodies

You can identify which organic control body a product is certified with by checking the identity code. Below is a list of organic control bodies in the UK and their identity codes.

  • Soil Association Certification Ltd (GB-ORG-05) currently the largest control body in the UK.
  • Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-04)
  • Biodynamic Association Certification (GB-ORG-06)
  • Irish Organic Association (GB-ORG-07)
  • Organic Trust Limited (GB-ORG-09)
  • Quality Welsh Food Certification Ltd (GB-ORG-13)
  • OF&G (Scotland) Ltd (GB-ORG-17)

Alongside the control bodies certification code you will also see the green EU leaf symbol..

Planet Botanic are proud to be a member of the Soil Association, the UK’s leading certifying body who certify around 70% of all organic products.  The Soil Association is seen as the ‘Gold standard’ of certification.  Our CBD Oil carry’s the Soil Association and EU leaf symbols on all our packaging.  Our clients can rest assured that they are getting organic CBD that adheres to the strictest conditions.

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